5 Fascinating ​Immigration Sources Your US History Students Will Love

Lewis Hine Ellis Island immigrant family

A stronghold theme throughout American history is that of immigration. From the “Old” English and German immigrants to the “New” immigrants from every other corner of the world, we are a nation of many.  Comparing stories, regardless of their year of creation, it’s incredible how identical they all are: the promise of opportunity, freedom, and […]

5 Fascinating Women’s Rights Sources Your US History Students Will Love

Inez Milholland 1913 Women's Suffrage Parade

It’s no secret that for being half the population, women get a very minority voice in America’s history. And the standard list of must-include women’s rights primary sources often is pretty short, usually something like this: Abigail Adams’ “Remember the Ladies” Letter Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s “Declaration of Sentiments” Betty Friedan’s Feminine Mystique And it’s totally […]

20 Best Cold War Primary Source Websites

20 Cold War Primary Sources

The Cold War is a tricky “unit” to teach because it ‘s an era that spans several decades, goes through multiple transitions, and involves so many more intertwined topics. I get it. Each year, I’m always tweaking how I share this 20thcentury defining topic with my students. Generally, I have found focusing on 1950s events, then […]

What Does Democracy Look Like? FREEBIE Lesson

Democracy Lesson Activity

Somewhere along the way I really took to heart the science behind drawing concepts to communicate and also make meaning of new ideas. I always include a drawing component to any vocabulary instruction we do in my classes, especially when it’s abstract concepts. The harder to draw, the better! I decided to try a new […]

US Geography PBL Project: 6 Degrees of Separation

For the past three years, I have started my junior U.S. History course with a fun first-week-back-to-school project that tests Stanley Milgram’s theory of six degrees of separation. After brushing up on our annotating and analyzing skills with a few news articles on the topic, we pick a place within the United States we would […]

Day 3: 5 Ways to Build Strong Teacher-Student Relationships

Student Teacher Relationship Building

These first few days of the school year are oh-so crucial to building those relationships. However, you may feel like on the first day of school you are already behind in the content you must cover. Side note: Have you ever actually calculated how many one-on-one minutes you have with each of your students to […]